Where to take Albenaja in the New World

If you are looking to catch the legendary Albenaja fish in the New World, you will need to be patient. These fish are difficult to come across, and you can’t expect to consistently catch them every time you cast your line, patiently waiting to see what takes a bit of time. In this guide, we’re going to explain where you need to go to catch an Albenaja in the New World, and everything you need to know about it.

You can catch Albenaja by fishing in the First Light region of the New World. There are a handful of fishing hotspot locations you can visit that we’ve illustrated below. These sites give you the best chance to improve your chances of encountering this fish.

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Unfortunately, while New Light has several fishing hotspot locations, all of them are rated as “wide,” which presents the lowest odds of catching a legendary fish. Therefore, you’ll want to bring plenty of Firefly or Glowworm baits with you, using them in their proper water areas, freshwater and saltwater, respectively.

Since these are all wide fishing spots, you will need to rotate these areas to make sure they have active hot spots. You will say that they do this based on the jumping fish that appear in a specific location. Aim your decoy to land in these hot spots and you will have the best chance of capturing the Albenaja.

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