Warrenton is looking to add the entire Hammond Marina under its jurisdiction

July 25 – WARRENTON – The city is considering redrawing its boundaries to cover the whole of Hammond Marina.

At a planning commission meeting earlier this month, Kevin Cronin, a former deputy city manager who works as a consultant, discussed the possibility of moving the city’s urban growth boundaries to encompass the entire marina.

“It’s one of those pieces of government that needs to be done that’s been overlooked for a long, long time and we’re finally getting there,” Mayor Henry Balensifer said. “But we’ve been talking about it for six, seven years.”

The expansion would allow the city to enforce the code across the entire site, which is partly under Clatsop County jurisdiction.

The town boundary reaches Hammond Marina, but does not cover all of the surrounding recreation area, including part of Mariners’ Park.

About 40% of the camping area and 60% of the park at Marina Viewpoint are out of bounds, Police Chief Mathew Workman said. Parking hours, parking and other orders are not enforceable in these areas.

The move would also facilitate the city’s plans for future development.

“Seafarers’ Park will play a very big part of the revitalization of this marina, from the fishing pier to the plans (for) the potential gathering places there – everything in the Hammond Marina Master Plan and what the marinas committee has suggested they want to do is have this complete marina incorporated into our full control of land use, as well as enforcement,” Balensifer said.

The fact that the boundaries encompass the entire marina could also help acquire future grants, said planning commissioner Lylla Gaebel, who also sits on the marina advisory committee.

Moving the urban growth boundary is a very complex process, Cronin said, and could take at least six months to a year.

Cronin added that he has spoken with the county’s community development department and that its staff are willing to consider the move and work with the city.

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