The son of banker Juan Carlos Escotet died in a boat accident

Juan Carlos Escot Alviares, the youngest son of Venezuelan banker Juan Carlos Escot, died on Saturday. The incident happened during a boating accident in Keith, Florida, United States. This was reported by journalist Ángela Oraa through her Instagram account.

According to the correspondent, the boy’s girlfriend fell into the water and he jumped to save her. Escotet Alviárez is the third son of Juan Carlos Escotet and María Isabel Alviárez.

Juan Carlos Escot Rodríguez was born accidentally in Madrid in 1959. His parents, although Spanish—César Escotet (León) and Haydeé Rodríguez (Asturias)—lived in Venezuela. He grew up and studied there before leaving for the United States to continue his training. Later he returned to Venezuela and started his career (mainly in banking) at a very young age. This is the story of a businessman nationalized in Spain and registered in La Coruna, with an estimated net worth of 2,700 million euros, fifth in our list of the 100 richest Spaniards in 2021, which confirms that Galicia is a leading autonomous community. reigning wealth.

Since 2017, Escote has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Spanish bank ABANCA, which operates in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, the United States and in Venezuela. Its turnover exceeds 107 billion euros. In addition, the businessman leads Banesco Internacional, a company made up of four different financial groups: the United States, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Before experiencing commercial success, Escote trained in Venezuela and the United States. As a child, he attended Champaign Academy; and career, economics, he studied at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (both in Caracas). He then moved to the United States and obtained a Master of Science in Administration from the University of Miami in the United States.

A born, persevering worker with a spirit of innovation and an excellent ability to detect market opportunities, the banker began his career at the age of 16. Between 1976 and 1986, he gained experience at Banco Unión, Sociedad Financiera de Lara, Grupo Latinoamericana de Seguros and Sociedad Financiera Latinoamericana. His career developed rapidly: at the age of 23, he was appointed director general of the Latin American Financial Association, a member of the organization until 1991.

1986 is a crucial year in his life. It was during this year that the Escotet Valores brokerage house was created, which the following year was renamed Banesco Casa de Bolsa. As the head of the organization, the businessman led a series of successful businesses, creating a legacy base for future investments. At the end of 1990, Escote joined a group of investors to acquire Bancentro, a small institution with the necessary licenses to act as a universal bank, founded Banesco in 1991 and made public in 1992. This would then be the focus of Juan Carlos’ activities. Escotet.

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