The Peluso Report: Building muscle in mid-winter

Perch can be found in 30 to 40 feet of water in the mud-bottomed pools of Devils Lake, but are skittish in mid-winter. WD Photo by Mike Peluso.

By Mike Peluso

In this week’s report from Devils Lake, I’ll cover what’s happening here for us right now and also the next chapter of my fishing adventures, which is approaching extremely fast!

What’s going on right now on Devils Lake? Well, for me and most of our crew, things are definitely falling apart. The scorching days of winter have arrived, and this has happened every year that I have guided here at this time. For some reason, things get a little tricky. Rest assured, the lake will come out and fishing will resume.

The perch is definitely found in the deeper mud pool areas of the lake. 30-40 feet seems like where you can score a bunch. Getting them to feed is another story. Some days it may be downright impossible. Eventually, these fish will rekindle.
The golds were better. You can still do well if you position yourself in the right areas, but this is a sit and wait type deal. Find walleye structure like bumps, spikes, old roads or old shorelines and do two different things, wave a buckshot spoon and have a dead stick with a minnow nearby.

Now, I don’t want people to think I’m throwing in the towel on ice fishing. I am far from it! I still have the whole month of February and a good part of March. However, it’s time to start thinking about walleyes in early spring near Bismarck/Mandan on the Missouri River. If you want to book a trip with us this spring, don’t hesitate! It’s your chance of a lifetime right now to grab a personal best or maybe the next state record gold! I will have a few full time river guides working with me this spring so we can definitely book you.

April and May are the absolute best times on the Missouri River and if you’re looking for something different, this is it. Plus, the Bismarck area offers you and your family plenty to do after fishing trips. Do not hesitate to contact me to reserve your place in one of our boats! It’s going to be awesome !

Mike Peluso is a contributing writer for Dakota Edge Outdoors and an ND Licensed Walleye Fishing Guide on major state waters.

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