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The aspen leaves are just a memory. The bears have gone into hibernation. The snow that is falling now will stay there until spring. Our boats are wintered and tucked away for a long winter nap, but it’s not yet time to put away the fishing gear. There is so much more to the Rockies than skiing, and ice fishing is at the top of the list at Fishing with Bernie.

Our guides are just as proficient on the ice as they are on the boat. In Grand County we have many workable lakes and reservoirs with workable ice, and some open water fishing opportunities in downstream waters and streams. Although the trails are crowded, there are plenty of opportunities to get away from it all for a winter fishing adventure.

Ice fishing is a fast growing sport throughout Colorado and the United States. In Grand County, the proximity to so many lakes makes it an ice fishing adventure a short drive away, no matter what part of the county you find yourself in. The cold water species in our waters are active, and many times the bite through the ice can be as good or better than when the water is not frozen.

Ice fishing requires a bit more gear and preparation to have a great day on the ice, as traveling on ice is never considered safe, but it is an adventure worth the extra effort when. it is well done. With safety always a top priority, those looking to make their first ice fishing trip may want to consider one of the local guides. Having someone who can read ice and has all the equipment and experience to safely navigate the ice can make a day of ice fishing fun and safe. Check out for more information on all of our guide services.

For those looking to take care of themselves, a primary consideration is researching the thickness of the ice for the desired lake and what thickness is considered fishable. Some extra safety gear, such as ice picks, a rope, a flotation device, an extra set of dry clothes, and a fishing buddy, are items you don’t leave at home. Other equipment may be needed, including sunscreen, warm clothing, good waterproof boots, and an ice auger. Other items you might want would be a sled to haul your gear, a portable ice lodge, and an ice fishing rod and reel.

While your regular rod will work, the shorter ice fishing rods help you stay closer to the hole and make it easier to tackle a fish once hooked up. For lures, part of the fun of ice fishing is the challenge of fishing straight through the ice hole. Various small jigs with a wax worm for your rainbow trout and brown trout, or tubular jigs with a sucker piece are popular baits, but don’t forget to stop in the one of the local fishing tackle stores to stock up and find out what the fish bite.

Now that you are ready to venture out onto the ice safely, where do you go? Lake Granby is one of the state’s most popular ice fishing destinations. Lake Granby is home to rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee and lake trout. Lake Granby is however known for its lake trout, with a large population of fish 19 inches and under which are excellent table dishes and easily caught all over the lake under the ice.

There is always the possibility of catching this trophy lake trout, as well as some fish reaching over 40 inches in length. Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Reservoir are also popular destinations for ice fishing. Lake trout are present and can be caught in Grand Lake, as well as rainbow and brown trout in both Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain.

One of the advantages of ice fishing at Grand Lac is the proximity to town; a hot cup of coffee and a pastry are never further than a short walk. Don’t forget the 34th Annual 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Competition which will take place on January 28, 29 and 30. This event takes place on Granby, Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain lakes; it’s a fun event for families and the serious angler with great prizes to win and keepsakes to create.

The Williams Fork Reservoir is another popular ice fishing destination in Grand County. Williams Fork Reservoir is a short drive from Hot Sulfur Springs and is home to lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and northern pike.

Close to Kremmling, Wolford Mountain Reservoir is a great place to go with a great opportunity to fish for rainbow trout, brown trout and kokanee salmon. Another easily accessible destination and a great place for ice fishing is Willow Creek Reservoir.

For those not looking for an ice adventure, the downstream waters downstream of the dam on Lake Granby and the Shadow Mountain Reservoir would be great places to target rainbow trout and brown trout in water. free during the winter. There are also a few stretches of the Colorado River as you head west from Granby on US Highway 34 towards Kremmling which will be accessible at times during the winter months.

The winter months here in Grand County are filled with snowy adventures, and the fishing is one not to be missed. Practice in complete safety, ice fishing is a fun and rewarding way to spend a day or even several days. Whether you seek help from our local guides or opt for a self-guided trip, winter adventure doesn’t stop at the ski slope – there’s a fishing hole never too far away wherever your Grand County adventure is. can take you.

Dan Shannon is a longtime guide at Fishing with Bernie. Born and raised in Colorado, Dan grew up fishing, hunting, and outdoor hiking. He is experienced on the waters across this state and beyond and has caught many different species. However, the center of his attention has been in the Grand County. For more information,

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