Standridge knows the Crappie will float down the river channel while they wait

We’re going crappie fishing on Palestine Lake with Three Nails guide Mark Standridge.

TYLER, Texas — In this week’s Hooked on East Texas, we feature one of the area’s fishing guides. His name is Mark Standridge of Three Nails Guide Service. He started his guiding service about six years ago after being laid off, and now, on a sunny day on Lake Palestine, you could say Mark is living his dream.

Standridge says, “Crappie fishing over the last three years has really grown in popularity. Last year I made a total of 238 trips.

Mark recently took our Chief Engineer Greg Oden and myself for a day of crappie fishing on Lake Palestine. He knows exactly where to go and took us to the middle of Palestine and then settled on some submerged woods.

Standridge knows the crappie will be floating in the river channel waiting for its next meal to pass. Some guides, like Standridge, use new technologies to target fish and increase the success rate of the fishing trip. We filmed the trip and fished for almost two hours and ended up with about a dozen crappie.

Crappie had assorted weights and sizes; some were black crappie and some were white crappie but no matter the species they are very tasty.

Back on shore, Standridge will clean and gut your catch and send you home with fresh fish ready for the pan.

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