Splatoon 3 shows off new designs for Pearl and Marina’s return and their new song

Splatoon 3 confirms the return of Off the Hook’s Pearl and Marina, with them brand new designs and a fresh new song.

Splaton 3 is currently one of Nintendo’s most anticipated releases for this summer. It was widely shared through both trailers in showcases such as the Nintendo Direct, as well as various updates on its official Twitter account. These updates gave a preview of what players can expect, such as the weapons that will be available in Splaton 3as well as other details such as stylish outfits that can be purchased in-game. Some of these updates also extend to one of the most iconic aspects of the series, the music.


SplatoonThe music of is definitely unique, drawing inspiration from all sorts of genres from pop, rock, and more that fit the aesthetic and world of a paintball-based third-person shooter. The Twitter account shared some new songs from some new universe bands and singers, such as Front Roe, which has a punk-rock vibe that matches the atmosphere of Splaton 3. Some fans are hoping certain singers and characters will return, with the latest update showing that fan favorites Pearl and Marina will return for this sequel.

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Pearl and Marina are part of the fictional pop idol duo Off the Hook, which premiered in Splaton 2 as in-game hostesses. They both provide updates to players on maps and in-game events such as Splatfests. They also sing a few songs that play during gameplay, such as “Ebb and Flow”, “Shark Bytes”, and “Nasty Majesty”. The duo returns to Splaton 3 featuring all-new designs, with Pearl sporting a new white coat while Marina sports a sleek orange jacket and pair of heels.

The Splaton 3 The Twitter account also reveals that they have formed a group with three new yet unnamed members, now known as Damp Socks feat. Off the hook. A new track for fans to listen to was also unveiled, known as “Candy-Coated Rocks”, combining rocking guitar with piano instrumentals. The artwork accompanying the song shows that these new band members are an anglerfish, a trout, and an octopus playing a variety of instruments, with Marina on piano and Pearl on vocals.

Fans expressed their surprise that not only Pearl and Marina would return to the game with a new group, but they also managed to stay together after the events of Splaton 2 and his latest Splatfest. Many also noted their happiness to have new music in the game, with some expressing their love for the new single and looking forward to more songs from them.

Splaton 3 will launch on September 9 on Nintendo Switch.

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