Return of the community fishing evening on Friday, July 8

BROKEN BOW – This is a long-standing, beloved and dedicated Broken Bow tradition, or in the words of Community Fishing Night Traditions Keeper, Harold Fankhauser: “It’s been happening every year for the last century. .”

For two hours on Friday, July 8, between 6 and 8 p.m., Lake Melham Park will come alive with all levels of anglers thanks to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The Commission’s fishing trailer, anchored at Fort Kearny, will make its annual trip to Broken Bow, and with it, Fankhauser boasts, a good time for anyone wishing to land the big one this summer.

“The trailer has fishing guides, fish identification books, coloring books for kids, and fishing gear that anyone can borrow.”

The only stipulation is that all participants must abide by the rules of the Game and Parks Commission. “The only requirement is that if you are sixteen or older, you must have a fishing license.”

Although licensing services are not available in the trailer itself, Fankhauser says acquiring a fishing license is a breeze. “You can buy it online; you can use your cell phone. It takes a minute and a half. »

As for what could be shot with this permit, Fankhauser says there are at least three species of fish that inhabit the lake. “Largemouth bass, bluegill, those two are the most common. Lots of catfish, of course.

In addition to equipment and information, Fankhauser says instructors will be on hand to keep everyone’s fishing skills up to date and well balanced. “Usually we have about three or four instructors, plus someone on hand to bait the hook, in case anyone doesn’t want to.”

Fankhauser implores all new hands and old salts to come out and bring their curiosity. “I hope people come out and enjoy the evening. Bring a few questions. There are two people I know who are going to be there who can answer anything, and the idea is to have fun.

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