Formula 500 SSC 2022 boat test, price, specifications

The 500 SSC offers sport boating fun.
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In slow motion to a bustling Florida Keys hotspot in Formula’s 500 Super Sport Crossover, I watched patrons leave their tables, stop dancing and hurry to the dock, phone and film. We spun the sparkling blue nose 50 feet into the full moon current, giving all participants a public first glimpse of Mercury’s V-12 600 Verado, all four of us.

We pulled up abeam a spot between two boats that maybe allowed 4 feet more than the Formula’s 53ft 4in total length. A murmur arose from the crowd.

With Joystick Piloting engaged, we headed sideways into space, tilted the docker, and had lunch. Yes, Formula’s 500 SSC impresses as much as it comes in handy.

Formula 500 SSC Bar
The bar is well equipped.
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Her seakeeping and maneuvering definitely caught my attention during our test, which consisted of sailing the boat from Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale, around the tip of Florida. Built specifically for the V-12 600 Verado (Formula was one of the few boat builders to work with Merc and dial in the big mill), this 22-ton deep V topped 64 mph in speed tests, with full tanks, a crew of three, and hundreds of books of boat show brochures and other onboard equipment. He crushed the chop in open water at 45 mph. The 500 SSC also proved to be agile. I enjoyed the pleasure of making locked turns, also at 50 mph. You will find yourself making S-turns with this boat just for the fun of it. The sculpting thrust induces the G-force and offers big smiles.

But there’s more to this boat-engine combo than just mega-power. The engines enhance the luxury and convenience aspects of the 500 SSC’s mission as much as its performance. You can read my full review of the V-12 600 at, but in short, the gearboxes spin and the motors don’t, which means you get weird dockside handling and retention, and an easy 50 foot solo. While waiting for a slip, we maintained our position in a creek with the rising tide by simply engaging the system and keeping a watch. Its two-speed gear case and twin propellers mean excellent performance to entertain the large crew this boat welcomes. Maintenance? Getting a boat this size out is a project, and Merc recognized it by placing a hatch in the hood that allows fluid and filters to be changed while you’re in the water. Calm? There is no quieter propulsion for big boats. Cool factor? Oh yeah, full.

Formula 500 SSC front seat
The front salon is large.
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Interior and Accessories

The fact that there is dedicated storage space for a Ski Bob on the platform speaks volumes about the boat itself, as do the power latches that secure the locker doors; the folding radar mast; the dedicated life jacket and slicker locker; the hardtop with a huge windshield, windows and a sunroof; and the expansive bow salon in a zip code separate from the transom deck. Formula’s 500 SSC offers fun and luxury for day cruising with as much crew as you probably would like.

Formula 500 SSC cockpit
There are at least four separate and distinct assembly areas.
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It can also take its owners on more intimate cruises. Below decks, despite allowing above the oversized bow saloon, the cabin still offers accommodation for an approximately 38-foot-long express cruiser. There is a master cabin aft, with a settee, queen sleeper, and 32 inch LCD TV. It is elegantly appointed and large windows on the hull side complete the decor; the space is intimate, but bright and open.

Forward, an Ultraleather U-shaped lounge gathers guests around an electrically lifted dining table that converts to a queen bunk. In sight, a 32-inch smart HDTV with a sound bar, and the audio system here, as in the whole boat, offers excellent sound. Motorized blinds temper the light entering through the windows on the hull side.

Formula 500 SSC cabin
The cabin is equipped with a 32 inch smart HDTV with a sound bar.
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The galley is available in a glossy or open grain style. It includes tempered glass stemware, Elka swivel spout in sink, Isotherm 120V / 12V pull-out stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, Keurig coffee maker and waste bin. In the head, discover more indirect lighting helping to illuminate a separate shower room with two rain and lance shower heads, a seat, a tempered glass door, an exhaust fan, a night light and four swimwear hooks or towels. The dresser and vanity look upscale residential. The “forget and flush” toilet model relieves the homeowner of the need to worry about plumbing, compared to other systems.

Formula 500 SSC cabin
Under the bridges, there is an Ultraleather U-lounge.
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As on the deck, a short list of details helps expand this boat’s place in the fleet. For example, there is indirect LED lighting in a variety of places. Plus, a sculpted cyclorama, backlit with your favorite pastel or primary color, serves as a backsplash in the kitchen. There are marble counters and pickled wood cabinetry, and a Dyson vacuum and charging station lurk under the companionway. The hardwood kitchen drawers are constructed using dovetail joints, providing elegance and durability. Did I mention the electronic window that turns off for privacy with the flip of a switch?

Formula 500 SSC Chef
The dresser and vanity look upscale residential.
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Even leaving out the finish and handling qualities of Formula, there is no rival boat that offers the convenience and excitement of a sports boat, the carrying capacity of a cruise ship. and the ability to serve weekends in a single outboard motor package. Therefore, I don’t have a specific comparison boat to suggest except to say that many large center consoles offer cargo capacity, night capacity, thrilling performance, and even some luxury, although less than that. that you will find aboard the Formula 500 SSC.

Formula 500 SSC Shower
There is a separate shower room with dual rain shower head and wand.
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How we tested

Engines: Quadruple 600 hp Mercury V-12 600 Verados

Drive / propeller: 33-inch 12-step outboard / verado, stainless steel dual propellers

Gear ratio: 2.50: 1 Fuel charge: 600 gallons. Water on board: 80 gallons. Crew weight: 500 pounds

Formula 500 SSC overheads
The hardtop has a huge windshield, windows and a sunroof.
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Strong points

  • The hardtop provides excellent visibility at all speeds thanks to a huge windshield, windows and a sunroof.
  • Offering more than just raw space, this boat offers at least four separate and distinct staging areas. Invite everyone.
  • Lay this baby down on a bend and experience a big boat that offers sports boat fun.

Weak points

  • We would like to see violin rails on the counters.
  • A generous front gangway prevents the installation of a wiper on the port side.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $ 2,940,000 (with test power)
LOA: 53’4 ″
Shine: 14’6 ″
Draft (max): 4’3 ″
Displacement (approximately): 43,400 pounds
Deadrise transom: 19 degrees
Bridge clearance: 11’10 “(mast lowered)
Maximum cabin height: 6’8 ″
Fuel Capacity: 650 gallons.
Maximum power : 2,400
Available power: Quadruple 600 hp Mercury V-12 600 Verados

Speed, efficiency, operation

Formula 500 SSC performance data
Formula 500 SSC certified test results
Nautical Review

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