Danish fishing magnate Henning Kjeldsen leaves the pelagic sector

Via social media, in Skagen, Denmark, billionaire fisherman Henning Kjeldsen has confirmed that he has sold all of his pelagic fishing quotas and a new fishing vessel which is currently under construction.

In a message, Kjeldsen said he sold out due to political pressures placed on him and his family in recent years. However, Kjeldsen did not completely leave the fishing industry. He still retains ownership of two other fishing vessels and has a share in a third, with another new build reportedly on the way.

According to Danish media, in mid-December 2021, Kjeldsen – who is considered one of the richest fishermen in the country, was found guilty of quota violations between 2013 and 2019 and fined 54 million. DKK ($8.1 million, €7.3 million). A further 64 million DKK (9.6 million USD, 8.6 million EUR) was confiscated from one of his companies.

Kjeldsen said he was tired of the witch hunt which he said was initiated by figures from the ruling Social Democratic Party and the Danish People’s Party. He confirmed the sale of his new pelagic vessel “Gitte Henning”, currently under construction at the Zamakona shipyard in Spain, as well as all the pelagic quotas held by his company have been acquired by six different operators, he said. .

Photo courtesy of Zamakona

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