BTS Jin’s “Super Tuna” Was A “Spontaneous Song” Caused By A Fishing Trip

“Super Tuna” is a unique and fun song that means a lot to this fun-loving BTS member. Jin explained some of the inspiration behind his 2021 release, “Super Tuna.” Here’s what we know about this track and its corresponding YouTube choreography video.

BTS’s Jin released “Super Tuna” in 2021

BTS sings “Happy Birthday” to Jin during iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2021 | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

When not releasing music with BTS, Jin appears as a solo artist. This “Worldwide Handsome” artist released “Super Tuna” around his birthday in 2021, complete with a fun “choreography” video. Since its premiere, this clip has generated more than 65 million views on YouTube.

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Why did Jin do “Super Tuna”? This solo song is from Jin going fishing with BUMZU

This production was of course inspired by Jin’s passion for fishing, which doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to fans. This singer even enjoyed the hobby during IN THE SOOP, where he and Suga appeared together in a boat.

“‘Super Tuna’ was never planned – I just wanted to try and go fishing with BUMZU, and we decided to do a song while we were at it,” Jin said during an interview with Weverse Magazine. “It was originally a spontaneous song. It was just something we did to pass the time, you know?

BUMZU is a singer, songwriter and music producer under Pledis Entertainment. Although he does not appear in the music video, Jin performs in the choreography, wearing overalls and a t-shirt with a tuna on the front.

“But even though I’m originally doing something just to pass the time, once ARMY reacts to it, it’s no longer a time killer – now it’s something I do for fun,” did he declare. “I think seeing the reactions of ARMYs helps me connect with them.”

ARMYs shared their support for Jin’s latest project, with the YouTube video for “Super Tuna” reaching 65 million views in June 2022. The production garnered over 5 million likes and comments on the original song “cute” and “lovely” from Jin.

“Jin, I hope you know how much joy this song brought,” one YouTube user wrote, “It makes me smile every time. Thank you!”

“Admit it, who’s watched this masterpiece 30 times,” another commented. “This is the best tuna song I’ve ever listened to.”

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BTS’s Jin released solo song “Abyss” in 2020

“Super Tuna” wouldn’t be JinHit’s only original, as this performer debuted with “Abyss” in 2020, partially informed by his COVID-19 experience. The YouTube video for this track has had over 30 million views.

In conjunction with BTS albums, Jin has released solo songs like Love yourself: the answers “Epiphany” and Soul Card: 7 “Moon.” As the members branch out to work on solo projects in 2022, some ARMYs are expecting more music from this Worldwide Handsome singer.

J-Hope has already announced his first new single and his upcoming appearance at Chicago’s Lollapalooza Music Festival. Of course, fans can catch up with Jin on his individual Instagram account and on Weverse.

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