Boating on Tahoe just got safer with an app

SOUTH OF LAKE TAHOE, approx. (KOLO) -On a day like this, Tahoe attracts thousands of visitors and it’s not at all surprising that some want to get out on the water.

Ted Moorhead of the Ski Run Boat Company says people who decide to rent a boat can range from old salts to land newbies, but regardless of their previous experience, they’re safer and more likely to have a good time if they are well armed. with lake and boating information here.

“Everybody just likes more information. It’s such a cool area to visit. There is so much history and so much to see that people want to be able to get it in a concise format.

Tahoe has an app for all that and more.

Anyone renting or bringing a boat on the lake should expect to be prompted to download the Tahoe Boating app and, with it, watch a short instructional video.

It’s not just a safety course. There is information on where to stop for a short break or to refuel, and information about the lake and its wildlife. But most useful is a GPS mapping feature showing where you are and, most importantly, where you need to monitor your speed.

“It tells you where you are and when you’re in a no-wake zone and should be driving at 5 mph,” says Tahoe Regional Planning Agency spokesman Jeff Cowen. “And what that does is it helps improve the safety of paddlers and other boaters, but it improves the recreational experience by reducing noise and reducing wave action near the shore.”

It is an important environmental issue. Over time, excessive wave action causes erosion along the shoreline.

There are other safety reminders. Meghan Burk is part of one of the teams of divers working to clear the lake of debris. While working, they and other divers must worry about boaters above who may not recognize the flag indicating there is a diver below.

“So with these boats coming closer to operations, they cause rough wave action and potential hazards where we could possibly see an accident.”

The purpose of the app is to keep everyone on the water informed, aware and safe.

“Being aware and knowing the facts, what to do, what not to do, is so important,” adds Burk, “I think once people have that information, they’ll be more aware and they will respect these rules. the rules of the road or the rules of the waves, if you prefer.

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