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Briarwood Academy alumnus Drake Axon just completed his freshman year at Georgia Southern University, where he participated in their fishing team.

“It was really cool. I really enjoyed it,” Axon said, noting that he joined the team through a friend who is on the team.

“I found out from him and went over there and started fishing together and ended up joining the team.”

Axon said there isn’t really a tryout for the team, but they hold a new members meeting every August.

“He’s the one who really wants to participate; make sure you know what you’re doing to some extent, and we’re always welcoming new members,” he said.

Axon added that they were trying to build a bigger and better program. They now participate in the Bass Master Collegiate Series and the MLF Collegiate Series.

Axon said he partnered with Colton Hunt, Dylon Williams and Brayden Batchelor last year.

As for tournaments, Axon said they study each lake and the fishing reports they receive.

“We study every lake, read all the fishing reports for that month and how they are doing,” Axon said. “Each tournament lasts a week. We have three training days and two tournament days.

Axon said they will determine what the fish are eating, what color they are eating and see if they are offshore or lying on shoals. They also watch the water temperature among other things to prepare for a tournament.

Overall, the team has done pretty well this year, but Axon said their best finish was fourth.

Being on the fishing team is something he plans to do during his four years at Georgia Southern, Axon said, and after college he will still be fishing as a hobby.

Fishing is something Axon has been for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve always loved hunting and fishing and stuff,” Axon said.

One of the reasons he was drawn to Georgia Southern was its construction management program.

“That’s what really drew me there,” Axon said. “I have a few of my classmates and friends going there.”

Axon is majoring in construction management hoping to start a business with his father, Allen Axon, who also works in construction.

Hoping to eventually own his own business, Axon is currently interning at ER Snell, an asphalt plant.

While at Briarwood Academy, Axon played high school golf, winning his freshman year.

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