45″ Mahi on a deadly double

By Scott Lenox

We had another beautiful day today with light winds and calm seas. The fishing grounds and party boat rails were a lot less crowded since it’s a Monday, but there are still people enjoying the weather and twisting a rod.

I received an absolutely insane email from a reader and platform user with some great photos and a story to go with them. Dan Potter was fishing with Mark Carew of Newark, DE yesterday above the structure of the ocean using the Fish in OC Deadly Doubles in white and pink when they were surprised by two impressive fish. The guys were getting their rigs getting ready to head home when these handsome mahi attacked their Deadly Doubles and took off for the sunset. Luckily the smaller mahi cow ate the lighter rod and after a short fight they brought the two fish back to the boat. The biggest bull was 45″ long and Dan estimated between 20 and 25 pounds. Superb catch!!

Rocco Buscher caught this mahi outside of Massey’s Canyon yesterday.

Angler captain Chris Mizurak reported a wayward bite today, but after toughening it up, most people took a good bass grip.

Bahia Marina‘s Judith M had a good mix of sea bass, bluefish, Spanish mackerel and even some bonito.

Luke Wrye and his crew found two keeper nets in the East Channel, one of which was over fish in OC Deadly Double.

Check out our Back Deck Fishing report on our YouTube channel.

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